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Ocwieja-Robles Funeral Home, Chicargo, IL

We Offer a Wide Variety of Personalized Services

Choosing Cremation can help make a difficult time a little easier. You and your family will have more flexibility in planning when cremation is selected. Our licensed director will guide you through the process with compassion and respect as he explains all your options to you.
We encourage you to compare costs, services, and personalities between funeral homes and cremation services. Whether you are thinking of prearranging or have experienced a recent death, you should choose a firm based on your budget, as well as your comfort.
Please call, email, or stop by for our no-obligation Cremation Information Packet which includes all information, worksheets, and price lists to assist you in completing this difficult process.
Some families choose public visitation and/or service prior to cremation; while some choose to celebrate a life after the cremation takes place with the urn, photos, personal memorabilia present rather than a casket. Naturally, this is a personal family decision.
For those who desire the simplest cremation service without viewing,visitation,service, or burial, we offer our client families the following Direct Cremation Services. To Receive Our Cremation Information Packet CLICK HERE

Direct Cremation Service

Itemized to indicate Funeral Home Fees and Outside Agency Charges

Funeral Home Charge for Direct Cremation: $3356.-

Our Economy Direct Cremation Service is competitively priced and includes the following:

Our Funeral Home Charges for a direct cremation (with no rites or services) includes: basic services of Funeral Director and staff, local transfer of deceasedís remains from institutional place of death* to Dinoto Funeral Home. Included also: minimum care and storage of remains during the required 48 hour waiting period mandated by CT law prior to cremation. Completing and filing CT death certificate and cremation permits with Registrar in Town of death; required minimum cardboard container; vehicle to transport remains to crematory.

Maplewood Crematory - Cremation Fee: $400.-

Connecticut Medical Examiner Fee: $150.-

Combined Funeral Home and Outside Fees for DIRECT CREMATION: $3900.-

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